Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What collection methods do you employ?
A: We have a series of letters that we use with the option of a Spanish translation on the reverse side. The client has final approval of all letters used. We also utilize a variety of searches to obtain debtor phone numbers. We use a proprietary autodial technique followed up by manual calls.

Q: How are disputes handled?
A: When a contract is signed, we meet with the client to discuss operational procedures. We formalize the client’s expectations for dispute resolution and identify the contact points for SFS and the client. Once a dispute is brought to our attention, all collection activity ceases and proceed according to the approved procedures.

Q: Does SFS provide skip tracing and is there an extra charge?
A: We skip trace accounts in-house utilizing a variety of web based resources. There is no extra charge for this service.

Q: Does SFS report delinquency to the credit reporting agencies?
A: Our clients have the option of reporting their delinquent accounts to the credit reporting agency. We respond to disputes and update the debtors credit file electronically.

Q: What payment options are available to the debtor?
A: The debtor can mail in their payment via check or money order and we will be able to accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover Card through our website very soon. We can also accept the same credit card payments and checks over the phone.

Q: What is your liquidation rate?
A: Our experience indicates that several factors impact a client’s liquidation rate. There are internal factors such as client customer service objective, ticket size, volume, and credit bureau reporting. External factors that affect the liquidation rate include area demographics and the general state of the economy.

Q: What is your fee structure?
A: We charge on a contingency fee basis with no ancillary charges.